What Kind of Feeders Are Best For Chicken?

What Kind of Feeders Are Best For Chicken?


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Expert Author James K
Chickens can be messy eaters, choosing the best chicken feeder is not difficult as long as you ask yourself a few questions before you get started. The biggest deciding factor for choosing the right feeder for you depends on the size of your flock. If you have a small flock and are only filling the feeder every couple of days a simple hanging poultry feeder will do. If you have a large flock that demands a lot of food, a high capacity automatic feeder will be what you're looking for.
For your small or backyard flock, 1-50 birds a hanging poultry feeder is your way to go. Despite the name "hanging" the feeder doesn't really have to hang you can set the feeder directly on a flat surface. Hanging poultry feeders come in various sizes that range from 1 -20 lbs. The size depends on how much your chickens eat and how often you will fill it with food. Often for these smaller flocks, you can select a size that you only have to fill once every day or every other day. If you do choose to hang the feeder it will create less of a mess. If you are feeding once per day a feeder of 10 pounds or less will do.
For a medium flock 50-100 birds, you may need something different unless you are OK with refilling the hanging poultry feeders more than once a day. Like the domestic duck, the chicken feed can be messy during eating time. Choosing a trough type feeder for your flock of chickens may be the way to go. A trough type feeder allows more ducks to eat at the same time with more space. The added room helps prevent spillage and fighting over the feeder. This will save you time, chicken feed, aggravation, and money. Look for a feeder between 10 - 15 pounds if you can only feed once per day.

For large flocks 100+ birds, for large flocks of large birds, like the Orpington Chicken, you are looking for a feeder of 20+ pounds. I have seen feeders that hold 110 lbs and can handle 400 chickens per day! These feeders can easily cost a couple of hundred bucks but well worth the cost. The simplicity of pouring a bag or two of feed into the unit and forgetting it is priceless.

Something else to keep in mind, depending on your coop and run set up, birds squirrels, mice, chipmunks, etc. A rooster is a great way to keep these things out of your poultry feeder. Feeders are also available with automatic opening and closing lids that are perfect for keeping the crows away! The chicken walks up, the lid opens, the chicken eats and walks away, the lid closes. What more could you ask for?

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